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One of the kindest compliments I have ever received is that I write the sweetest thank you notes. My mom always made me write thank you notes growing up, half-heartedly joking that you should write one for a gift as simple as s stick of gum. A handwritten note shows that you care enough to take the time to sit down and actually put pen to paper. In the days of texts and DMs, I think it speaks volumes to pull out that box of stationery, grab your stamps, and get writing!

While there is no “recipe” to writing a thoughtful thank you note – as long as it comes from the heart it’s a win in my book – I will share what has stuck for me as well as some of some of the cards Jack Paper Co. offers to make your correspondence as pretty as it is meaningful.

First, I always start with overall acknowledgment and thanks for what this person did for me, that is not necessarily specifically tied to the gift. For example, did they attend or throw a birthday party or baby shower for me? Did they make life easier after a child was born or after a surgery? There is always more to thank a person for than the tangible gift received. I also tend to describe a little bit about the occasion, if there was one, using as much description as possible.

Next, I transition from the overall thanks to the specific “thank you” for the gift. Again, I describe with as much detail what it is that makes this gift special.

Finally, I close with a thank you to the gift giver for whatever role they play in my life. Are they my friend? My doctor? My child’s teacher? I believe this deserves its own recognition as well. Who doesn’t want to be told how much they are loved and appreciated?!?!

Now, enough with the long explaination and on to an example of a note written to my dear friend, Liza:

Dear Liza,

I cannot thank you enough for all you did to make my 36th birthday so special. The dinner you and the girls hosted in my honor meant so much to me. You truly left no stone unturned with the beautiful twinkle lights in the yard, the delicious food and drink, and the gorgeous fall flower arrangement (that I got to keep!). It was a really lovely evening that I will remember always.

As if that party alone was not more than enough in the way of gifts, you went above and beyond with the most thoughtful birthday present ever. I am so excited to read the book you gave me; knowing that you love it, I know I will too. And, goodness knows I need all the parenting guidance I can get!

Thank you again, Liza, for all of the birthday love. I am so very thankful for your friendship and to be raising my little ones alongside you and your family.

Love always,

Anne Marie

And there you have it- my way to write a thank you note! What’s yours?

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